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Long Range Hunting is really the use of two skills; one is hunting and the other is long distance shooting. We are going to show you what we feel is the best way you can use rifles, equipment and shooting skills to be the best long range hunter you can be.

You will see hunts for whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, sheep and antelope with shots from 200 yards to 630 yard long range shots. No shots are staged or made to appear long. All long distance shots occurred on our hunts and resulted from good set ups and well placed shots at long range.

Mike Whelan and Mike Miller have hunted and guided in the southwest for over 30 years. Along with some of their good friends who are all guides with long experience, they will present a detailed look from a hunter’s perspective of what is possible and what is ethical with long range hunting.

Besides bringing you 12 big game hunts at different ranges, you will learn which rifles we use. This is the first critical part of the long range shot. Secondly, you’ll see how we practice and, on actual hunts, show you some of the newest equipment used to make you better at long range. We choose a rifle, pick a caliber, build or pick a cartridge, decide on a bullet, teach you how to look at the wind and most importantly, we will help you with the ethical decision of “can I make that shot or should I take that shot?” Join us, we have some great hunts and well placed shots. Some public and some private lands. Always fair chase.

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