Guide to Long Rifle Hunting


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We have brought together a group of eight guides and outfitters who have vast experience hunting some of the west’s best areas for big trophies, wide open spaces, and long range shots.  These areas are ideally suited for long range hunting and long rifles.  We will bring you their candid thoughts based on their experiences of what a long rifle needs to be.  How far are their average long shots?  How far can you shoot and on what does it depend?  How far should you shoot?  What types of actions, triggers, stocks, scopes, calibers, and bullets should you use and can you use? We have 12 great hunts for big game from brown bear to mule deer.  Plus see incredible wild footage of game animals taken during actual hunts.  We will use lightly modified to custom long range rifles.  We will explain the changes made to these rifles and bring you the suggestions of our experts in hunting on what you should and shouldn’t do to a long rifle.  Shots on game to 560 yards, shots on targets to 1000 yards. 12 Hunts With Mike Whelan and Mike Miller More than 18 actual shots from hunts for elk, mule deer, moose, brown bear, black bear, coyotes, and mountain goats. All fair chase on public and private lands. 90 minutes of great hunts packed with information for the long range hunter!

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