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A Decade of Big Bulls contains two of the best big bull elk videos ever filmed! Buglin’ Big Bulls and Callin’ And Stalkin’ Big Bulls have been re-edited and re-mastered and are now yours to enjoy as an 87-minute DVD.  This action packed DVD is filled with Archery, Rifle and muzzleloader hunts filmed over 10 years!

Buglin’ Big Bulls

Still considered by many to be THE classic big bull elk hunting video! This DVD features a rifle hunt for a 400 class bull, where the bull elk is called across a huge meadow and taken on film. Archery hunts with elk that will stun you, up very close and very big. Starting in the early summer, this wonderfully photographed video follows the elk, from cow and calf herds of late summer, to the bachelor bulls and their early fighting.  Finally the video takes you to the intense rutting period when the big bulls gather their harems.

Callin’ and Stalkin’ Big Bulls

A three season hunt featuring archery hunts, rifle hunts, and muzzleloader hunts as well!  With an archery 350 point 6×7 taken on film, a muzzleloader “caribull” and a 7×7 390 Boone & Crockett rifle bull and many more elk rutting, calling and fighting. Filmed in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana and Wyoming. John and Mike have over 60 years experience calling and hunting big bulls.

Come join the adventure!

87 minutes of elk hunting with John McClendon and Mike Whelan

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