Big Cats – Hunting Mountain Lions DVD


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A hunter’s look at lions and hunting mountain lions in the West.


What you will see in Big Cats!

Five years of accumulated hunts, 40 or 50 different lions that we actually filmed. Over a couple hundred days of hunting. All squeezed into 82 minutes of hunting mountain lions on film.

The three lion hunters in this production (Brent Bunger, Scotty Dieringer and Wade Eckel) have an enormous amount of time and experience that they share on camera with you.

The amount of actual lion footage is staggering! We have only used the best footage of what we had.  But more than just seeing mountain lions, we will try to show you how to see them, how to hunt them, how to read sign, and how to hunt the country when you first see it. All of this is fair chase, and done on dry ground.  

Finally, lots of information on raising, training and handling hounds.  We have lion hunts with bows, pistols and rifles. No matter whether you plan on a lion hunt, have been on a mountain lion hunt, or just want to see a lion in the wild, these lions (and there are a lot of them) are for you!

With Mike Whelan, Brent Bunger, Scotty Dieringer and Wade Eckel

All fair chase on public and private lands
82 Minutes

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